When I met a real blogger & social media’s strategy director

This September, I was lucky enough to meet Kirby Brooks Todd at the Digital Influencers HUB Forum which was held in Thessaloniki. Her talk on Micro-influencers was noteworthy and was the catalyst behind my wanting to interview her for my blog. Micro-influencers are the new influencers? This is the question presented which agonizes people who are involved with the social media market. Micro-influencers are highly dependable and fiery with their content; but is it enough to begin a collaboration with them? Kirby Brooks Todd is a southern California native who lives in San Francisco.

She’s young, talented and maintains her own lifestyle blog ( ) since April 2010. The short and sweet blog is a happy place where Kirby shares her home design, food, fashion & travel stories. Also, Kirby is a digital specialist as she has continuously worked for Epic Signal as a social strategy director and knows the digital landscape well.

Let me indroduce her…

  1. Your talk topic within Digital Influencers Hub Forum was “Micro-influencers are the New-influencers.” As an expert in this field would it be possible for you to expand on the topic by providing my readers with some insight and data as to why this is happening?

Unfortunately I can’t share data from my clients, but there are a few great stats here. Overall, we see that when follower count goes up, engagement goes down and brands really care about engagement most of all these days. There are some great stats here.


  1. Moreover, what do you believe Micro-influencers can do better to stabilize their position is the social media’s landscape?

Microinfluencers need to be just as professional as mega influencers. That means providing a one-sheet with their follower demographics and engagement information, ensuring content uses the approved copy/hashtag and that it’s properly tagged as a sponsored post, and that they are providing success metrics.


  1. When one person begins the influencing activity they tend to focus on being more laid back, but as time passes, mostly everyone takes their audience-fansfor granted. We need creation, not curation! What can the influencers do to be more authentic and create the stuff they always desired?

There was a lot of conversation about this at the Digital Influencers Hub in Greece. I think it’s about not taking the easy way out. Sure, it’s easy to share a meme that you didn’t create but is that an authentic way to speak to your fans?


  1. It is common ground to use ones platform for individual reasons and different objectives in mind. Are there any basic rules for success in this field that one would need to follow regardless of their personal content choice? Which is the ideal engagement with audience?

Every platform is different and the platforms change really frequently! My advice would be for influencers to read the platform’s blogs for the latest and greatest and to see what trends are happening for inspiration. For brands, we create unique platform.


  1. As far as the future is concerned; where do you see all the major influencers three years from now?

I think the smart influencers will continue to evolve with the industry. Think about all of the influencers who first found success on Vine. The ones who are still around moved over to Instagram.


  1. I also admire the work you have done on your blog. You maintain a cute lifestyle blog & e-shop How did it all begin?

I was a copywriter at the time and was reading a bunch of blogs myself, and people kept asking why I didn’t have one. So I figured, why not? I really enjoy the writing aspect since my job now involves more strategy, management, etc.


  1. How often do you travel? And could you share one of your favorite spots in San Francisco?

 I love to plan trips and to travel! See here for my guides to Bali and Japan. And here is a list of my favorite spots in San Francisco and nearby wine country.


  1. You also work in Epic Signal as a social strategy director- how is Kirby’s day in Epic Signal?

I lead a team of social and influencer strategists, creatives, an community managers at Epic Signal. What I love most about working at an advertising agency – and in social – is that no two days are the same! We’re always in a different phase with our brands, whether it’s setting up the strategic thinking, creative development, or ensuring the campaign learnings make their way into the work.


  1. My life’s moto is “stop overthinking, live now & write it all down later”. What’s yours?

“ Spend your money on the things money can buy. Spend your time on the things money can’t buy.” From one of my favorite books, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, by Haruki Murakami

Thank you Kibry!


*All photos taken from Kirby Brooks Tod, source:

kirbyJane1kirbyBirthday BreakfastKitchen TableKomune_Short&SweetBlogIMG_1088IMG_1373

Dreamland Beach_Short&SweetBlog


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