100% handmade and other qualities

  • communicating feelings
  • being interactive and open-minded
  • sharing habits, emotions and stories
  • becoming linked
  • caring

Jan. 2020(3)

What if we stay close and connected even when we are far away from places or people we love? What if we can visualize thoughts and emotions? What if we can consume information and content that is useful and want to make our lives better?

Yoke Magazine aims to connect the people, who are looking for good ideas, an ethical living and interesting daily stories. All the important and also, the less important things that surround us. We live, we notice and we share. It’s not about lifestyle, but about sharing a way of functional and conscious living. We are interested in culture, art and wellness, but we deeply care for environment and mental health.

 Art director – Editor in Chief:

Christiana Athanasiadou

Journalism & Mass Media student, a creative spirit who thrives in Thessaloniki, Greece and Barcelona, Spain. Interested in yoga, art & communication. Vegeterian.

Editor – The nutrition consultant:

Katerina Gili

Nutrition & Dietics student. Professional dancer, based in Greece. Interested in sharing healthy tips & meals.


Michelle Gotouhidou

English Language & Literature graduate, and Master’s Degree in Translation studies.

Thesis supervisor:

Ioanna Kostarella

Assistan Professor in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

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